Keto Coffee Creamer and the Keto Diet

The problem with a new diet is adjusting it to fit your lifestyle. John has been told by his doctor that he really needs to lose weight for health reasons, including joint pain. He’s been looking around online and keeps seeing mentions of the Keto diet. He’s going to give it a try, but it’s going to be hard for him to adjust his normal diet to fit with the Keto diet.

Here we are going to go over all the swaps John is making in order to fit the Keto diet.

What is the Keto Diet?

The Ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat diet. It’s similar to many other low carb diets, such as the Atkins diet. Many people who have diabetes also stick to the Keto diet as it is similar to a recommended diet for diabetes.

In this diet, there are many foods which need to be reduced or avoided. These are mainly carb based foods.

Foods to avoid include sugary foods, grains or starches, fruit, beans or legumes, root vegetables and tubers, low-fat or diet products, some condiments or sauces, unhealthy fats, alcohol, and sugar-free diet foods.

Saying no to sugar when on the keto diet

The majority of your diet should include meat, fatty fish, eggs, butter and cream, cheese, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, avocados, low carb veggies, and condiments.

Morning Routine with Keto Coffee Creamer

John loves his coffee, so one big problem is the fact that John likes cream and sugar in his coffee, neither of which is a keto coffee creamer. Sugar is obviously a big no-no and dairy is not allowed. He needs to find a keto coffee creamer.

Luckily, John can at least substitute his creamer with a keto coffee creamer. Keto coffee creamers are often made from healthy fats, like coconut cream, almond milk, or grass-fed butterfat. For the sugar in his coffee, stevia is a good substitute and can be used as a keto coffee creamer.

It also turned out that John’s protein powder, which he used for shakes or getting ready for the gym, was not okay for his Keto diet. He did find that the NutriXen multi-collagen protein powder did work for the Keto diet. This protein powder also uses collagen, which has been shown to help joint pain, which was one of the reasons that John wanted to lose weight in the first place.


Lunch was a hard transition for John because he normally just goes to the local fast food place. He is busy at work and often doesn’t get much time for lunch.

In order to make this transition, John had to start meal-prepping for lunches so that he could be prepared with a Keto-friendly lunch. Many of these meal prepped lunches use keto-friendly substitutes for high carb foods, which we will discuss below in the Dinner section.

Salads are a great lunch, but many people tire of them quickly. A quick internet search for “keto-friendly lunches” will bring up a huge amount of choices.

Some days, however, you just forget your lunch. On the days where John didn’t have his Keto-friendly lunch, there are some things that he could do to order low-carb fast food.

First of all, you can always opt for the salad on the menu. Salads are a great low-carb option.

You can also ask for one of the sandwiches without a bun. They are a little trickier to eat this way, but they won’t have the carbs from the bun. Some sandwich places even offer lettuce wraps.

Make sure that you also ask for no ketchup or other high carb toppings. If you are at a place with chicken, see if there is a grilled option rather than breaded and fried. Always order water instead of soda.


Many keto dinners can also be meal-prepped, but there are a lot of great ideas on various websites online for Keto friendly recipes.

In general, a great dinner is a protein – any meat or fish – alongside some veggies. Salads are also always a great option.

There are many ways to substitute for your favorite foods. Almonds are a great keto-friendly food, so swap out your regular baking flour for almond flour. You can also swap out your milk for almond milk.

Cauliflower seems to be everyone’s favorite substitute for carbs. Cauliflower can be made into rice, mashed cauliflower, and even pizza crust.

If you really want a burger, you can eat it without the bun or substitute portobello mushrooms for the buns. Meanwhile, any recipe that requires noodles or pasta can use spaghetti squash or zoodles (zucchini noodles).

If you’re craving potato chips, many people eat kale chips. There are also recipes to turn other veggies into chips, like zucchini chips. You can do similar things to make zucchini or veggie fries instead of French fries.

Other Keto Friendly Substitutes

On those days where he has to eat out with friends, John needs to follow similar guidelines as to those we laid out above for making his fast food lunches Keto-friendly.

First things first, get rid of any starches in your order. Ask if you can substitute a salad or extra veggies for any side bread, pasta or potatoes.

Again, if you are getting a sandwich or a burger, ask for it without the bun. Many places will substitute lettuce wraps, but if they won’t, just eat it without the bread.

The keto diet also allows for healthy fats, so fell free to ask for extra butter, olive oil, or vinegar.

Make sure to know what sauces come with your meal. Ketchup, for example, is mostly carbs. You can always ask for a sauce on the side to be sure too.

If you want an alcoholic drink, skip the beer and mixed drinks. Wines are okay so long as you don’t have a lot. Liquors when served without mixers don’t have carbs.


John is honestly still having trouble sticking to his diet, but it will get better every day. Using these swaps and tips discussed above, especially the keto coffee creamer, hopefully he can stick to it to meet his weight loss goals. Finding a good keto coffee creamer will probably be the best help as he cannot live without his coffee.



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