Low Carb Vegetables are Possible on a Low Carb Diet

If you follow a low carb diet, you know how important it is to eat a variety of foods. It is essential that you are fueling your body with enough proteins and nutrients.

It is easy to get enough protein, but getting enough of a variety of nutrients can be tricky. Generally speaking, it can be difficult to pick the right vegetables to eat on a low carb diet, as there are not typically low carb vegetables.

By making sure to consume enough variety of vegetables, you are ensuring that your diet is well balanced. This is necessary for optimal health.

Generally speaking, it can be tricky to fit a variety of vegetables into a low carb way of eating. Let’s take a look at some vegetables that work with a low carb way of eating. And some tips to include them in your diet.

Tools for a low carb diet

Before you start a low carb diet, there are some tools you can set up to ensure your success. There are many apps available for your smart phone. These apps usually have extensive food list with carb and fiber counts. They also have the ability for you to scan a bar code from a package to give you the carb count.

If you don’t have a smart phone or prefer not to use one, you will need to find a book or guide online.

Other Tools for Low Carb Vegetables

It’s important to have an accurate carb count of the foods you eat. Ideally, before you start a low carb diet, you will have calculated your daily macros. Macros include carbs, proteins, fats, fiber and sugar for each day within your daily calorie count.

It is imperative to know your macros before you start. Macros will vary from person to person, too.

A kitchen scale will also be very helpful. When tracking carbs it is crucial to be exact with your serving sizes. Many times people grossly underestimate serving sizes.

Low Carb Vegetables

A very general rule of thumb for deciding if a vegetable is low carb is, if it grows above ground it is low carb. If it grows below ground it is higher carb (think carrots, potato, and sweet potato). However, there are exceptions to this and other factors that need to be considered.

Another good rule of thumb for choosing low carb vegetables is if it has leaves it is low carb (think lettuce and spinach).

And you can also remember that greener vegetables tend to be lower carb than orange or red vegetables.

Top Low Carb Vegetables


This vegetable is delicious and versatile in many recipes.  You can use this vegetable as a substitute for rice in stir fry recipes and there are cauliflower pizza crusts available to make a low carb pizza.


This is a great vegetable to substitute in place of potatoes. You can slice them and fry them or make them into fries.


This is a very low carb vegetable that is also very filling. It is great with many sauces and dips.

Asparagus is a great choice in the category of low carb vegetables.


There are many low carb vegetable options to choose from. It is important to track the macros so that you are staying within your daily allotment.

Vegetables do provide many necessary nutrients. It is a good idea to also use NutriXen collagen powder when following a low carb plan. You can mix this collagen powder into soups, stews, muffins, and sauces.NutriXen collagen powder will ensure that your body is getting maximum nutrition.



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